Moving Tips: Moving with pets

When you go new places with John Palmer Moving & Storage, we want to provide a smooth transition for everyone, including your pets. All pets require special attention and can be especially sensitive when it comes to moving. Pre-planning is essential when it comes to pet relocation. For assistance, follow these pointers to enjoy a […]

Moving Tips: What not to move

Here at John Palmer Moving & Storage, safety is a priority! That’s why we provide all customers with a list of items that cannot be moved because they are hazardous, perishable or irreplaceable. Use this video as a guide to understand the differences in items, and what you should know about them. You’ll be ready […]

Moving Tip: How to move plants

Don’t let your beautiful, healthy house plants go to waste. With all your hard work, we want them to arrive at your new home looking fantastic. Our team of moving specialists can guarantee a smooth transition for your floral arrangements. Here are a few tips from seasoned movers to ensure a smooth move for your […]

Stretching your moving budget: how to keep moving expenses down

Worried about the overall cost of moving? Stay penny-wise during your move. Our team wants to ensure you get the best value. And with our moving tips, we can help you stretch your moving budget and earn some cash along the way. Yes, it’s possible! So, don’t miss these nine tips on saving money while […]

Moving Tips: Preparing for an in-home estimate

Every day is moving day here at John Palmer Moving & Storage. And when it comes to your in-home estimate, enjoy the high-quality services without breaking the bank. With our help, John Palmer Moving & Storage can estimate the cost of an interstate move depending on the weight, distance and services performed during the move. […]

Moving Tips: How to Move Cups, Glasses and Stemware

John Palmer Moving & Storage share the kitchen packing methods used by our expert movers. With our guidance, you can see how to pack up your cups, glasses and stemware without the headache. Similar to packing up your dishware, it’s also important to remember to use the proper packing techniques for the different items. From […]

Moving Tips: How to pack dishes for a move

Packing up your kitchen can almost seem impossible, right? Thankfully, we have the best packing tips straight from the professionals. John Palmer Moving & Storage can help you take on any kitchen task. With our help, you can safely and securely pack up your kitchen items with ease. This video focuses on dishes.

Moving Tips: How to pack your electronics

As trusted and experienced movers, you can always count on Atlas to safely deliver all your electronics. From computers to flat screen televisions, our team of experts can provide you with all the right tips and supplies to ensure your possessions are safe and secure. Here are packing tips straight to guarantee safe travels for […]

Moving Tips: Moving with children

The moving process can be a little hectic—especially for kids. Make sure you’re prepared to suppress any fears they might have, and talk to them about any concerns to keep their stress levels at bay. Remember, moving is an adventure and can be very exciting. Check out these five tips to ensure your move is […]

Moving Tips: How to pack your kitchen.

Is your kitchen filled with cookbooks, appliances and various breakables? Don’t get overwhelmed by packing up your kitchen. With a solid game plan and packing tips, the daunting task becomes much more manageable. And with our help, we’ll show you all the right ways to pack your kitchen items so they arrive safely at your […]